PEP specializes in manufacturing of expendable thermocouple tips and liquid metal samplers. The expendable tips are used for temperature measurement, whereas the liquid metal sampler enables the spectrographic analysis of the chemistry of steel, providing quick and representative samples o f the molten metal in the required forms.

For temperature measurement of the molten metal, the expendable thermocouple tip is first inserted onto a long lance fitted with a receptacle. The moment thermocouple tip with a paper tube is properly connected to the lance, an automatic signal is generated on the temperature measurement control panel to confirm a proper connection. This lance pipe with the thermocouple tip is then immersed into the molten metal, so that the thermocouple tip comes in contact with liquid steel. The lance is kept immersed for about 4-5 seconds, by which time; the thermocouple tip translates the temperature into millivolts, which is instantly sent to the calibrated measuring system for recording the temperature.

For the spectrographic analysis of steel, a representative sample of liquid steel bath is necessary. The immersion samplers are used for this specific purpose for taking these samples fast. The sampler fitted onto the paper tube is immersed into molten steel and kept immersed for about 4 seconds. Due to the pressure differentials, the molten metal gets filled into the cavity of the sampler. The sampler is now taken out, and the solidified metal sample that is trapped inside is easily removed for analysis.

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